Advanced super capacitor-based storage


History of Supercapacitors


Capacitors were first invented in 1669 and have been made a fundamental part of electric applications since American scientist, Michael Faraday, determined the nature of capacitance and electricity. Our solution is the amalgamation of emerging technologies. Rather than couple smart inverters with chemical batteries, we have incorporated the SuperCap Energy Storage module from SuperCap Energy.

SuperCap Energy Storage is 99.1% efficient, and the commercial-scale inverters from Parker are 98% efficient. Our storage can be cycled up to 500 hundred thousand times in its life and discharged 100% twice daily with no degradation of life expectancy, storage capabilities, or rate of discharge. These devices are not a fire hazard and contain no toxic chemicals that would present any environmental issues.

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Chemical batteries, in a word, are Toxic. There is nothing environmental about them from the mining, to the leakage, to the disposal. Throughout their life-cycle they have terrible impact on the environment.