Advanced supercapacitor-based storage applications​

Utility Energy Storage & Frequency Regulation

The ability of Supercapacitor Storage to store and discharge energy multiple times per day provides the capability to provide instantaneous high load response and support green energy additions to the utility grid.

Supercapacitors offer a solution for issues commonly created by these Distributed Energy Resources:

  1. High daytime voltages on the distribution system as the solar reaches peak production
    • Supercapacitors provide storage during solar hours and release during peak demand (evening) hours
  2. Reverse power flow, protection coordination issues, and substation strain, particularly on tap-changers
    • Supercapacitors can provide distributed energy storage near the DER source
  3. Frequency distortion due to rapid fluctuation of solar output
    • Supercapacitors offer rapid response charge/discharge @ 4x the rate of chemical batteries
  4. Mismatch of energy production with load requirements
    • Supercapacitors provide distributed and Circuit-level energy storage with twice daily cycling capabilities
  5. Costly network reconductoring and other mitigation projects
    • Supercapacitors store energy near loads and dispatch them when needed