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Environmental Responsibility

Rolling hills covered in green foliage and solar panels, higher hills and small town in background

The planet we call home is made up of finite resources. At one time, humankind existed in small enough numbers that the earth’s resources seemed limitless. Humankind develeoped with little regard for resource limitations. Now with a global population exceeding 7 billion people, resource depletion exceed’s the earth’s ability to regenerate itself. Changing the way we use the earth’s resources is essential to human survival. Every person, corporation and government must play a role. It’s our responsibility to society and our planet.


We take that responsibility seriously. We are bringing products to market that have the capability to solve big problems in resource depletion. Technology has advanced dramatically over the last Century. How we generate, store and transport electricity has not kept up with that technology. The renewable revolution is well underway and until today, storage has been the last problem to solve. Clean, safe and compostable, supercapacitor storage is able to substantially eliminate greenhouse gas production by increasing the usability of renewable energy, and do so without depleting rare earth minerals. We are committed to doing our part in protecting the earth’s resources for society and a more sustainable future.