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Technical Support

Supercapacitors are new to the North American market. We get many questions about equipment required, charging, discharging, compatibility, etc. We are building out our Frequently Asked Questions page to address the common questions. We encourage you to ask your questions here. We will respond to each one and we might add your question to our FAQ page. Be patient with us as we build this out. In time familiarity will grow as everyone moves to capacitor based storage.


Please use this form for your purchase inquiries, or see our partners pages for one of our resellers that serves your market. We will respond to each inquiry in the order received. Leave your contact information so one of our team members can call you. The product line for the North American market is changing. Due to Covid-19 we are experiencing delays in product delivery, but working rapidly to overcome those challenges as the world is opening up. Please be patient, we will respond to your request.

Investor Relations

SuperCapacitor Energy LLC is raising capital to support operational and strategic objectives. To accomplish that SCE is developing a mix of investment vehicles including government grants, loans, low interest bank facilities and private equity. We are accepting an array of capital sources to create stability and future proof our operations. If you are a fund manager, family fund, bank administrator or a qualified private investor and understand the value of investing in a sustainable future we invite you to contact our Investor relations team.