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New Release

Introducing the Supercap Energy Wall-Mount family of Energy Storage Systems.

This revolutionary energy storage device is rated for 20,000 cycles (that’s 1 cycle per day for 54 years), and has 15 KWh of energy storage. The 48VDC system comes in a stylish design that will compliment any solar system. The Supercap Wall also comes in a beautifully compact 5.5 KWh (48VDC) form factor designed to last as long as your solar panels even with daily cycling. To take advantage of special introductory pricing please call our direct line at +1 (972) 845-4742, while supplies last.

What are Supercapacitors?

Supercapacitors are the most advanced energy storage devices in the world. Combining the qualities of capacitors with the most advanced batteries, supercapacitors have a 10X lifespan over Lithium batteries, faster charge and discharge rates and the lowest lifetime cost of energy of any energy storage device in the world. Thinking about energy storage – Supercapacitors offer the highest performance and safety for a lifetime cost that is a fraction of any battery. 

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Superior Economics,
Better Performance

Supercapacitors deliver faster initial ROI thanks to their lower maintenance, greater usable capacity, longer lifecycles, and improved performance compared to Lithium-Ion batteries – all at a comparable cost per kWh. Don’t be left behind!

How They Work

For electrical energy storage, supercapacitors are an excellent alternative to chemical batteries. But they differ from batteries in several important ways.

Essential characteristics

-20⁰C to 60⁰C discharge temperature range

1C – 5C high charge / discharge rate

No heat generated during cycling

Minimal capacity degradation due to cycling

In-built safeties protect the module

Remote monitoring

Safe - no risk of thermal runaway

No maintenance required during warehousing or after installation

Environment - no disposal impact, fully recyclable

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